Social Media Guideline
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Social Media Guideline

Social Media Guideline (pdf / 3.07 MB)

The Internet is becoming more and more important in our daily lives. At the same time, the technological possibilities are increasingly blurring the boundaries between our private and work lives. Therefore, it makes sense to know about the impact that your own activities – on the Internet in general and on social media platforms in particular – can have for everyone involved.

Marquard & Bahls acknowledges the benefits of social media platforms and the increasing need to be active on them. However, these new channels contain certain risks that give rise to new challenges and tasks. This Guideline is designed to help our employees to communicate successfully in the social media without taking legal risks.

The basic rules of communication on the Internet are already set out in our Code of Conduct, which covers issues such as compliance with the law, protection of intellectual property, confidentiality, and protection against discrimination. Likewise, the provisions specified in the employment contract and local requirements, such as the IT Guideline, apply. With this in mind, the idea is to ensure that all the guidelines associated with these documents are consistently and responsibly applied.

The Marquard & Bahls Social Media Guideline has been translated into the following languages and can be downloaded as a PDF here:

Dutch (Richtlijnen social media)
(pdf / 3.04 MB)
English (Social Media Guideline)
(pdf / 3.06 MB)
German (Social Media Richtlinie)
(pdf / 3.07 MB)
Spanish (Directrices sobre medios sociales)
(pdf / 3.49 MB)
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